Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cry Babies

Friday was a good day! We were out the first time since I felt ill in November. To be back in my favourite club, listening to my local heroine and enjoying a glass of champagne on ice was beyond words.

I honored that event with one of my favourite 40s original dresses. It is handsewn and really stands on its own.

The best thing about it are the embroidered flowers, only few of the glittering stones are missing.

I teamed it just with one glittering bakelite bangle, glittering 40s clip ons and some silk orchids. 

In the end of the evening I treated myself with the new single from Trinity Sarratt. I discovered her ten years ago with the Sin City Circus Ladies and now she is the singer of  many really cool bandprojects like the Cry Babies or the Kamikaze Queens... go and check her out!


  1. hello I love the colour of your dress, thank you for the link to the band.

  2. Exquisite! The dress is SUBLIME on you and your accessories are PERFECTION! You are absolutely beautiful - so glad you are feeling well enough to go out and enjoy yourself!

    Sarah xxx

  3. That color is exquisite; I can see why it is one of your favorites!

  4. Wonderful blue.
    We definitely have to meet in Berlin when I go. We coulf meet in one of my daughter´s gig over a beer.
    Wouldn´t it be fun???
    Do keep in touch.

  5. die welt ist eine erbse! - berlin ist ein mikroorganismus.
    durch trinity habe ich quasi meinen freund kennen gelernt!!!

    das blaue kleid ist einfach gigantisch!