Monday, 23 July 2012

Seafood and Dali

my favorite capris: pinupgirlclothing 
Back from our backpack-trip to Spain, Andorra and France. I don't wanna bore you with touristic pictures, starting in Barcelona, we admired the Gaudi "Parc Güell" and his buildings, went shopping a bit and had a lot of great seafood at La Paradeta.

By incident at the Barcelona Harley Days.

 After the great art of Antonio Gaudi, it was time for another Catalan genius: Salvadore Dali. We waited two houres to visite the Dali museum, but it was absolutly worth it.

 Sculpture: Taxi pluvieux
Sailor playsuit: asos

After reading the biography of Gala Dali, I was very excited to see the Casa Dali in Port Lligat in real. To me it was a mindblowing experience! I loved every detail, especially the pink lipcouch at the poolside.

My shopping goodies back in Berlin:

40s landgirlstyle dress from Good Times Barcelona
Bakelite Bangle from Blow by Le Swing
soft red Mae West-Lips by Dali
Flamenco Shoes


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