Sunday, 1 July 2012

Race 61 in the sun


This was me visiting the Race 61 in Finowfurt years ago. Yesterday we did it again: 

After a terrible long walk in the super hot sun (me in heels) we finally arrived at the race course and I heard the great sound of the pre-1961 motorcycles. It always makes me getting goose bump, feeling like a little girl on daddy's hand when we were watching oldtimer shows together. The long walk was forgotten, we just enjoyed everything, especially the starter girls and the witty moderation. 

There are a lot vintage car meetings out there but no races, where you can see the beautys in motion and hear their sound. Where you can see a Vespa racing against a Harley... and winning? You see.

Have you ever seen a lilac Hot Rod?

Because the Race 61 is in the countryside, I choosed a plain landgirl outfit that made me feel comfortable in the burning sun. Glad I did.

straw hat: 40s vintage from Schwarze Truhe
sunglasses: 40s vintage fleamarket find

 40s style dress:

 The hat comes with pink silkflowers, but they are a bit faded 
so I added two cherry hairclips, to match my cherrybrooch.

After the bratwurst, beer & ice cream routine and many more vintage cars, honey startet dreaming about this Ford. But surpringly we didn´t have the 10.000 Euros laying around... damned!

You see the Race is taking place on an old airfield where vintage aircrafts are on exhibition. We sat in the shadow of one of them and watched the sun go down. 

At least we had to say good bye because there was still the long way walking back to our not-so-vintage car. Hope you all had a special saturday, too.


  1. HELLO GORGEOUS. I was missing you.
    MY daughter tell me that it is nice and warm in Berlin again, just right for Salmorejo.
    Do let me know what you think.
    I don´t know anybody who doesn´t like it.

  2. Ooh look at you - so gorgeous! Love your pretty dress and sweet hat. And how HOT is that awesome chick in the denim shorts and bandana??? What a fun event - I would love it! And the sunset is beautiful. Sarah xxx

    PS Love, I do hope you will seriously consider removing the Word Verification from your comments - it is AWFUL and makes it difficult to leave comments, and I promise you won't get spam without it! xxxxx

  3. mission: no word verification - completed! xxx