Wednesday, 20 June 2012

for the girls at the "homefront"

The weather is so grey and rainy in Berlin now, so I use the time to read some of my old magazines again. I collect "Erika", a 1941s mag for the girls and women in Berlin who waited for their men who were out in the war. On the cover of this edition is Olga Tschechowa, I have wrote about her before

"Erika" has some stupid propaganda and a lot of fashion and beauty themes. Let's concentrate on this:

You can still buy the brands Kaloderma and UHU today.

This article is about different kinds of face shapes and that there is beauty in all of them. Can you see, there is no eyeliner, just false lashes and red lipstick - typical 40s.

 The ads are all about the perfect longlasting curls and secretary stuff.

How I love this: different ways to wear a scarf! The best decision for a rainy day...