Sunday, 2 March 2014

glitter in the powder room

The other day a friend and I visited a Burlesque show in the Bassy Club and she made some pics of me in the Ladies' lavatory - not the most glamourous location, I know. But my beloved 50s cocktail jacket, found on a fleamarket and my 6-inch-high beehive was worth it.

The jacket is so classic: made of crêpe, bat sleeves, a nipped in waist and very nice embroidery with little black jet pearls.

Pockets with scallop! 

While we powder our noses, let´s have a closer look at my make up: I used Kryolan pro-products only, padded the pink glitter on the lids just with an eyeshadow base, draw a winged liner and put tons of mascara on my natural lashes to get that spidery look - it´s not a faux pas anymore - it´s en vogue!

The huge pink glitter flower in my hair is a souvenir from fabulous Las Vegas!

The show girls were so hot, that I had to cool down myself a bit.

I hailed a taxi in my vintage Sergio Rossi high heels and felt very happy to live in a town
where you can enjoy a great show with international acts on a common wednesday.


  1. ha, das klo kenn ich doch! war nicht da, da ich die veranstalterin am nächsten morgen um 7h morgens zhum flughafen gebracht habe ... hab wohl ne gute show verpasst, habe ich mir sagen lassen. manchmal hasse ich mich dafür ein netter mensch zu sein ;)

    das jäckchen ist absolut fantastisch. tolle stickereien ...

  2. Immer gut wenn man einen Handtrockner hat, den man zweckentfremden kann :-)

  3. ARGH!! That is the MOST SPECTACULAR beehive!!! Gorgeous, darling!
    Loving those shoes, and the loos are the perfect palce for pix! XXX

  4. And that's what you get up to on a Wednesday night? Wow, I wonder what happens on late Saturday night!! I absolutely ADORE your beautiful 1950s jacket, it was waiting for a loooooooong time for you to come along and snap her up with love. I love seeing all the embroidery and beading detail shots and oh my scalloped pockets! Your make up is utterly superb, your tights, flower, shoes ... damn you've got a rockin' figure!!! I love dingy bathrooms, especially ones with fab yellow wallpaper! Hugs!! xoxoxoox

  5. You are just magical everywhere.
    love and sunshine