Sunday, 16 February 2014

valentine's day

First of all, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones. I had it, started with baking for honey and friends: lemon muffins and a red velvet cake.  So yummy...

„Here's looking at you, Kid!“

After all the sugar we went clubbing. I chose a nautical themed outfit, because I have a soft spot for sailors, when it comes to romantic. Time for my kid's souvenir sailor felt hat from - I guess - the 50s.

The hat is from my granny and really well made. It´s a souvenir from the "Hamburg-Amerika"-line and it has those cool ribbons in the back.

shirt: Tom Tailor
pants: Vivien of Holloway
bag: 60s vintage, fleamarket find
glass heart pendant: 50s vintage, my mum's

While baking I got a little cut and covered it with an ancor plaster, of course. I´m a slave to the details.

Honey had made me a Valentine's Day present years ago: those lovely key-for-my heart-clip-ons from the 40s. So I always wear them on that special day and this year I teamed them with other 40s marcasite goodies from my collection.

Bye bye for so long and a special kiss to all the singles out there: love will find you!


  1. Ooo, you are a foxy Valentine's sailor wench! XXX

  2. war sehr schön dich dort getroffen zu haben. war ein toller plausch. gerne wieder ...

    ... und du hast es auch noch geschaft feine outfit bilder zu schiessen ... muss auch mal wieder mein sailor top rausfummeln ...

    bis bald!

  3. Love your nautical style, especially that seahorse brooch- amazing! Your cake is also pretty amazing, such a lovely design!