Saturday, 12 January 2013

summer under glass

hat: vintage shop in Paris
dress: Tara Starlet
body stocking: Wolford
boots: Esprit

It just rains in Berlin, it´s always grey and dark - that can be quite depressing. I'm missing the sun, bright colours and the smell of flowers so much, so we decided to warm up our winter souls in the Botanic Garden. The complex of green houses was built in 1904 and still has a magic.

Do you feel the cold rainy weather? Even the mushrooms came out again.

But then we entered a tropical world and were feeling like on a summer holiday.
We were nearly the only visitors and I did a lot of pictures of the fascinating details. 
Take a little walk with me:

This "Lady Campbell" really smelled like heaven!


Outside, on our way back home, I noticed these huge neon green monster plants: 
Brussles sprouts! Do you remember the "Little Shop of Horrors"?


  1. I have been to the Botanic gardens in summer. My daughte, who lives in Berlin as you know, also tells me that she goes there when she wants to feel the warmth of our climat.

  2. das iost ne tolle ide mit dem botanischen garten. kenne den von belin nicht, liebe aber den frankfurter ... süßes kleid!

  3. wow, so viele schreibfehler in einem kommentar ... ich arbeite zuviel, das macht dumm. ich entschuldige mich hierfür.

  4. macht gar nix, das doofe ebstein-virus macht mich immer noch so dumm, dass es mir kaum aufgefallen ist :( xxx