Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas countdown

HoHoHo out there in blogland! Sure you are in the same Christmas countdown stress as I am. So I make it short.

Saturday was time to break out and show the world what St. Nicholas aka Honey bought me: this 50s handbag made out of marbled silver Lucite and woven chrome.

The bouncer asked me, entering the club: "What the hell is that? Why you carry a thing to make meat loaf in??"


We joined the Salon Obscure, a party row for swing lovers. They had such a fantastic surreal light there... 
and we danced a lot. I missed swing dancing so much in the almost gone by busy year.

Tired and bored from all the grey turtlenecks and black coats in this season - I chose a propper summer dress with a bright roses print. It is a "70s does 40s" crepe frock, a present from Just Another Wandrobe Experience 's fleamarket stall.
I had to wear it with furry booties underneath - it's still a rainy dark December night.

  And lucite again on my 50s charm bracelet with english coins - a gift I made myself.

Hope you all have a stressfree holiday time with your family and a very dedicated Santa!


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